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What to See in Ibiza

Discover the top Ibiza 'must see' sights & attractions


There are a wealth of places to visit in Ibiza, from top class art museums to the remains of ancient Bronze age settlements. Many of the highlights are in Ibiza Town, but to see the best that Ibiza has to offer, a car or scooter is recommended.

Thanks to the varied history of Ibiza, you will find reminders of the Romans, Moors and Spanish conquerors throughout the island, from watch towers to castles and ruins to churches. Much of this history is documented in a number of museums

But it is not just man-made artefacts that are worth seeking out. Ibiza is blessed with fabulous scenery, from the mountains in the south to the salt flats in the east and the olive groves in the north. A number of Natural Parks have been created, which provide not only protection to the land but informative guides and trails to follow. Some of this natural beauty are ear-marked as beauty spots rather than Natural Parks. In the west of Ibiza you will find a rejuvenated wine growing industry, and a visit to a vineyard is highly recommended.

Ibiza is home to a vibrant arts scene as evidenced by the number of excellent art galleries and museums found throughout the island. There are plenty of small independent galleries and studios that you can visit and of course the hippy markets have a whole host of artists looking to sell their work. The hippy heritage of the island is particularly evident in the art scene.

Of course, one of the popular things for visitors to do whilst on holiday is shop, so read on to find out about where the hotspots are, and what kind of souvenirs you may like to bring home.

Castles & Ruins

As may be expected for an island that endured continuous invasion and conquering during the Middle Ages, the coastline is dotted with stone watchtowers. A visit to the Dalt Vila will ensure that you experience the Ibiza Castle in the old town, with ramparts and cannons for defence you can now enjoy the area as a kind of open air museum.

Ibiza was first settled by the Phoenicians back in the 7th century BC and remains can still be seen dotted across the island today. The Moors the invaded the island in 900 AD and the ruins and restored buildings of the Moorish villages and communities are prevalent in every corner of Ibiza. Their legacy can also be seen in much of architecture.

Castles in Ibiza

Caves & Rocks

Underground cave systems are dotted throughout Ibiza thanks to the limestone bedrock. The best are the Cova de Can Marca on the west coast around Puerto de San Miguel. They are tastefully lit and you follow a trail through the caverns with their stalagmites, stalactites and undergound lakes. 

Of course, the major 'rock' to be seen around Ibiza is along the coast in the sea cliffs and rocky coastline. The island of Es Vedra also offers a particularly special experience if you manage to either visit the island or just sit on the mainland and watch the sunset over it. The rock formations at Atlantis are also pretty special and definitely worth finding if you prefer exploring the coves rather than lying on a beach.

Caves in Ibiza

Churches & Cathedrals

The highlight has to be Ibiza's cathedral. Known as Our Lady of the Snows, it offers amazing views over Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town and along the coast. Founded in the 14th century this sandstone building appears relatively plain from the outside, however the interior has a mixture of Catalan and Gothic styles. The museum inside offers a wealth of information and historical artefacts.

Each town or village on the island has its own church and most commonly these are kept in pristine condition with white washed exteriors and traditional bell towers. A tour of these is a must if you are on the island for a while. Not only will you get to see a lot of the island but each one holds its own charm and is worth visiting for different reasons. Amongst the most beautiful and best situated is the church of Es Cubells in the south of the island.

Churches & Cathedrals in Ibiza

Museums & Galleries

There is a superb range of public art galleries on Ibiza. They mainly specialise in contemporary Spanish art, with some galleries devoted to specific Spanish and local artists. Of particular note is Museum of Contemporary Art in the Old Town of Ibiza. The museums cover all aspects of the island history from their land and cultural history to their religious history.

Museums & Galleries in Ibiza

Nature Reserves & Parks

There are several Natural Parks in Ibiza, offering a very diverse range of geology, flora & fauna. The Las Salinas National Park in the south east comprises not only the salt flats and land mass but also the sea with its abundance of oceanic Posidonia (seagrass). A popular area to visit for bird watching as well you can see the flocks of pink flamingos as they take a quick rest on their migration route.

Nature Parks in Ibiza

Shops & Boutiques

The central hub for shopping is without doubt Ibiza Town. It has a good range of well known brands in addition to the quirky independent boutiques offering a more local style. Other good towns for shopping include San Carlos and Santa Gertrudis. Some of the towns and villages have weekly markets, selling the usual local produce and touristy trinkets. But perhaps the most popular shopping can be found at the notorious hippy markets where you can buy anything from locally made leather goods and jewellery to products brought over from India and other Asian countries.

Shops in Ibiza

Vineyards & Estates

There are two main areas where vineyards flourish on Ibiza, around the towns of Sant Mateu and Sant Agusti, both in the west. If you enjoy wine, try to make a visit - the vineyards are beautiful and the wine makers very enthusiastic about their produce. Enjoy!

Vineyards in Ibiza