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Best Local Produce from Ibiza

Discover the top Ibiza local produce


Agriculture is a traditional mainstay of the Ibizan economy. Crops such as citrus fruits, almonds, olives and other soft fruits like apricots and grapes have been grown here for centuries.

Being an island, seafood is obviously a big part of the Ibizan diet with many typical dishes based on fish or crustaceans, mainly lobster, sourced locally. Pork has also long been a central part of the Ibizan table and the island's own sobrassada sausage is a delicious and unique spicy paste.

Other important local products are traditional Mediterranean staples such as olives, with which islanders make fragrant olive oil; almonds, which are the main ingredient of the Salsa de Nadal - a Christmas dessert; grapes for the protected 'Vino de la Tierra de Ibiza' wine; and salt which has been collected on the White Isle for centuries.

If you want the best regional produce, then look for the tag 'Sabors d'Eivissa' , an official indication which designates locally sourced produce of high quality. Currently, you can find it on sobrassada, lobster, rockfish, red prawns and crayfish.

Ibiza is home to thousands of almond trees


Frigola is a typical Ibizan liquor served after dinner as a digestive


A traditional liquor that has been a part of Ibizan life for many years

Hierbas Ibicencas

High-quality certified honey produced locally


Local variety of lamb with quality distinction label


Ibizan lobsters are identified with the 'Sabors d'Eivissa' label


Ibiza has a wonderful selection of olive oils differing greatly in taste & aroma

Olive Oil

Ibiza has been cultivating & collecting salt for centuries


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