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Ibiza is home to thousands of almond trees

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Growing all across the island, these trees are more prolific in the north east, and in particular around the town of Santa Agnes.

The almond trees blossom with flowers from white to pinky shades creating a very pretty landscape. You an find almonds sold by themselves in local supermarkets or within traditional desert recipes, in particular pastries.

The island is never more beautiful than when the almond trees are in full bloom, which tends to be in February, and residents from across the island will descend upon the almond groves and enjoy a walk in the cool air with the light pink blossom all around them. Particularly popular is to cycle around the north east at this time, enjoying the sights and gentle scents.

For a truly magical experience a visit to the almond groves in full blossom, and during a full moon is something very special.

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