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Accommodation options in Ibiza

Discover insights about Ibiza accommodation


The island of Ibiza has been becoming more and more popular in recent years and in particular with the celebrity and IT crowd. Hence the style and standard of accommodation has also risen dramatically. Once a hippy community you will now find the landscape dotted with luxury villas, boutiques hotels and seclude hideaways.

Apartments in Ibiza

The old town of Ibiza has plenty of apartment rentals and they will come with a hefty price tag, particularly if you are looking for outside space and/or a sea view. Expect small, cosy spaces with plenty of charm. Other centres with apartment rentals include Santa Eulalia, San Jose and San Antonio.

Villas in Ibiza

The villas dotted across the island offer the ultimate in luxury accommodation alongside independence and a real taste of the Ibiza lifestyle. The closer to the sea, the higher the price tag. There are some really stunning properties for those with deep pockets, and slightly more affordable options towards the interior towns and Santa Eulalia.

Luxury hotels in Ibiza

The choice of luxury hotels just gets better and better each year in Ibiza. Whether you want to be in the heart of the action by one of the Ibiza marinas, or have a more private experience in the rural countryside, there is a luxury hotel to suit. Styles range from ultra-modern to charming yet chic, with all the facilities you would expect. 

Boutique hotels in Ibiza

There is a great selection of boutique hotels spread across the island of Ibiza. Many of them are old fincas that have been tastefully renovated and allow you to experience the rural heritage of the island and at the same time enjoying the luxury and quirkiness that we have come to love in Ibiza. Book in advance to secure a room!

Budget hotels in Ibiza

There are plenty of more affordable hotels around Ibiza, some delightful 3 star options in and around Ibiza Town as well as in the larger towns of San Antonio in the west and Santa Eulalia in the east. They are expensive relative to other parts of Spain, but this IS Ibiza, and are comparatively well priced if you are set on staying in one of these towns. The neighbouring small island of Formetera also has some well priced holiday accommodation, ideal for families.

Camping in Ibiza

There are only a few campsites on the island but these are of a high standard and offer the perfect accommodation for groups or families who want a little more independence without the villa pricetag.