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High-quality certified honey produced locally

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Ibizan honey is a delicacy produced by local bees with Mediterranean plants. The yellow label 'Mel Certificada d'Eivissa' (Certified Ibizan honey) ensures that the honey has been produced on the White Isle and has the best quality.

Ibizan honey is mainly divided into spring, summer and autumn varieties, all of them made with different kinds of flowers. Rosemary, orange, thyme (frigola), lemon, and carob tree are the main species used by local bees to produce their honey.

All around the island's countryside, you will find a host beehives from which around 5 tons of honey are collected every year. Stone beehives are a traditional Ibizan construction made with carob tree bark that is protected with stones. Although most of them are nowadays abandoned, you can find them in the beautiful Mediterranean forests that exist on the island. But be careful, many still house wild swarms.

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