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Olive Oil

Ibiza has a wonderful selection of olive oils differing greatly in taste & aroma

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The moderate climate and sea breezes are perfect for the cultivation of olive trees. The Ibizan landscape is covered with olive trees. 

There are two modern oil mills on the island producing excellent quality extra virgin olive oil mainly for domestic consumption. Most of the locally produced oils will bear the stamp of 'Oli d'E' where the E stands for Eivissa, the Catalan name for Ibiza, proving that they have produced on the island.

Ibiza’s olive oil's are mainly cold-pressed, allowing them to become a high-quality extra virgin oil with significant nutritional properties. Some oils are very mild, whilst others have a more intense flavour, some are even slightly spicy.

Historically, olive tree cultivation as well as olive oil production have been deeply rooted in Ibizan culture. The olive harvest and the production of olive oil would draw families, neighbours and communities together. These days, the ‘festa de s’oli’ (Ibicenco for ‘olive oil festival’) which is celebrated every year in Sant Antoni, commemorates the traditional process of producing oil, which is as laborious as it is festive.

You may well have been served delicious local olive oil for breakfast! A very typical breakfast dish is toast with fresh chopped tomato and drizzled with a tasty olive oil.

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