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Ibiza celebrates its hippie heritage

Featured in: | Ana Hernández, Ibiza Editor | Published

Donated by Pacha's owner, Ricardo Urgell, the bronze sculpture is based on a legendary photograph taken by Toni Riera of a hippie father and his daughter, which became an icon of Ibiza's love and freedom movement.

The picture was taken in Amsterdam in the late 1960s, when Riera was relaxing on the lawn of the city's Vondelpark. He then spotted a father and his daughter casually walking around the park, he was smoking a cigarette while looking at the little girl carrying her bottle. The photo was used in the 1990s for a poster of Ibiza's most famous nightclub, Pacha, and it became widely known as a symbol of the White Isle's hippie past.

Chance brought the little girl, now a woman, to Pacha in the 2000s and the main characters of this iconic image were finally given a name: actor Sandy van del Linden and his daughter Radha. They have now been turned into a solid bronze portrait of Ibiza's hippie heritage by sculptor Cio Abellí.