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Sant Llorenc de Balafia (San Lorenzo), North Central Ibiza

A perfect example of remote rural life on the island

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Set back inland, 17km north east of Eivissa, is the small village of San Lorenzo. It's an attractive traditional village with an 18th century church and a few houses.

A tiny hamlet tucked into the hills of north Ibiza, it's a quiet little place, home to very few tourist attractions other than the village itself. The church dominates, there’s a school and two restaurants that cater for locals and visitors, and the views out across the rugged interior of the island are beautiful.

There are no shops and no ATM and neither restaurant takes card payments, so do make sure to plan ahead if you’re heading here for a visit.

History & Culture in [locality]

As with most towns and villages in Ibiza, life revolves around the church, which is the main feature in Sant Llorenc. The belfry once stood to one end of the church but due to alterations made to the building in the 19th century it's now located in the middle of the façade.

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The village itself is the main draw to Sant Llorenc, a small slice of rustic Ibizan life completely removed from the madcap tourism of the bigger towns and coastline.

The 18th century church stands proud, far larger than the village would seem to require. Washed in bright Balearic white it has a bell tower, common to most Ibizan churches, and also a large covered porch with, rather unusually, only one entrance arch.

Above the village lies a wooded, hilly area that has been designated the Can Pere Mosson Country Park, an area crisscrossed with walking trails, picnic areas and viewpoints. Popular with local families at weekends, although unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the park.

Nearby hamlet Balafia is another draw to this area, a tiny group of houses and defence towers dating back to Moorish Ibiza. It’s one of the island's most unusual settlements having been built in a defensive architectural style, whereas the rest of the island's defence towers, such as they are, are more often seen dotting the coastline. Visitors can walk the 1km to Balafia down a dirt road from Sant Llorenc, and wander along the two tiny streets of the settlement to see the houses and towers, although do remember that these are people's homes and private signs are hung at gateways to deter tourists.

There is an interpretive centre near the bus stop which contains information about the surrounding area including more about nearby Balafia, however the opening hours are erratic.

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Sant Llorenc is well and truly inland but the coastline to the east near Santa Eularia has beautiful beaches such as Cala Llenya and Cala Nova, and to the north you’ll find Cala Xarraca near Portinax.

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Once a year every August the town hosts the Festes de Sant Llorenc a series of religious events and musical performances centering around the church.

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There's a small public children’s playground in the village, but no organised activities. 

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There are two restaurants in Sant Llorenc, one very traditional and one more modern with a bit of a hipster vibe.

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The rugged north of Ibiza can be seen in all its glory here; undeveloped, rustic, thickly forested and hilly, the north of the island is very different from the south. Look out over fertile farmland and the rusty red soil of Ibiza’s interior. 

Sant Joan is the nearest large town, whilst Santa Eularia is not far to the east.


North of Ibiza, 7km south of Sant Joan, and easily accessible along the c-733 highway from Ibiza Town to Sant Joan. Sant Llorenc is clearly signposted west off the highway.

The no.20a bus runs here from Ibiza Town.


Map of the surrounding area