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Benirras Beach, North West Ibiza

Bohemian beach on the north west coast, popular for drumming as the sun sets

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A beautiful golden pebbly sand beach popular with families, hippies and the tight knit residents of Ibiza's northern community.

Just past San Miguel on the north west coast the beach is surrounded by stunning rocky scenery, and in the distance, in the middle of the sea is the large rock formation of Cap Bernat.

On most evenings the Ibiza sunset is best experienced at Benirras beach, where hippy drummers turn out to beat their drums as the sun disappears below the horizon.

Beach Bars & Beachclubs in Ibiza

There are a few eateries including the beach club Elements, and the usual sun loungers and umbrellas for rent during the day.

Setting & Location

The beach itself is fairly large in length and in depth, offering plenty of space for you to spread out, even in high season.

Water Safety & Clarity

This bay is sheltered and shallow allowing you to swim out quite a way in safety. There are boats and yachts that approach the beach clubs here by the water so be careful when it is busy.

Beach Quality

The soft white sandy beach itself is fairly large, in length and in depth offer plenty of space for you to spread out, even in high season.

Watersports Nearby

Being a sheltered bay it's good for swimming and with rocky outcrops surrounding the waters edge, you can do some good snorkelling here too.

This is a great beach to settle on for the day with plenty to see and do and then the magnificent sunset to enjoy too.


Map of the surrounding area