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Picturesque picnic spots in Ibiza summer 2019

Where to go for some alfresco eating

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| Isha Sesay, Ibiza Reporter | Published
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With warm weather, glorious sunshine and breathtaking views, Ibiza is home to an array of picture-perfect settings that are ideal for a picnic. Blissfully beautiful during the summer months, there is no better way to sit down and relax than with a basket filled with the island’s delicious local produce.

Picnicking is a favourite pastime for the residents in Ibiza, being a great alternative to eating out in a café or restaurant. The island has a fantastic offering of artisanal products, bakeries, fruit, vegetables and cured meat shops, which make the perfect combination for a delightful alfresco lunch.

S’illot des Renclí

Situated 5km north of San Juan lies S’illot des Renclí, a beautiful beach that is an ideal setting for a picnic. Surrounded by red cliffs and a lush pine forest, the beach features plenty of flat areas in front of its rows of fishing huts, where you can sit and dine under the glorious Mediterranean sun. As well as being the perfect setting to watch an otherworldly sunset, visitors can admire the island’s local fish and fauna during a spot of snorkelling.

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Benirrás Beach

One of the best places for an afternoon picnic on the island is Benirrás Beach, situated on the northwestern coast of Ibiza. The beach is renowned for its amazing sunset parties, being a popular destination for the local hippy community who beat their drums in a hypnotic rhythm to a captivated crowd. As well as being the perfect place to soak up awe-inspiring views, you will also find several tables by its fishermen’s huts, which take refuge under the cooling shade.

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Cala d’Hort

Situated at the bottom of a beautiful hill is Cala d’Hort, one of Ibiza's most magical and laidback beaches that boasts awe-inspiring views. The arc-shaped beach is a front row seat to the mystic Es Vedra, Ibiza’s most iconic natural landmark, made up of a rocky limestone formation. With spectacular sunsets, the beach is a divine setting for a picnic, where you can lay out your blanket beside a charming fishermen's hut and absorb the positive energy that emanates from the rock.

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Cala Pada

Slightly north of Santa Eulalia you will find the sandy beach of Cala Pada, a tranquil setting for an alfresco lunch. With dazzling waters and soft golden sand, visitors can enjoy a picnic under a mass of fragrant pine trees which provide welcoming shelter from the sun. Exuding a lovely Mediterranean charm, the beach features a long wooden walkway that stretches from the shore right into its crystal-clear inviting sea.

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Cala Gracio

Only a moment away from the bustling town of San Antonio lies the secluded bay of Cala Gracio. Comprised of golden sand and turquoise waters, the pristine beach experiences a real sense of privacy and tranquillity. As well as a small recreational area equipped for feasts with some places to roast, you can lay out your blanket on its sand or rocks and delve into your ready-made picnic.

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Shopping for your picnic

The Spanish love a picnic, so you will find there is plenty of picnic-friendly produce found in supermarkets and markets on the island. Supermarkets are the obvious choice as they are the easiest option for many. Eroski, Lidl and Dia are a few renowned names on the island and will have everything you might require for a picnic including fresh baguettes, juicy tomatoes, Mahon cheese. Spanish ham, chorizo, sobrassada and fresh fruit, all of which are compulsory for any picnic in Ibiza.  

For those who are keen to shop for the finest ingredients for their trip, then we would highly recommend a trip to one of the island’s many weekly markets. Remember that a cool box is an absolute must to keep your 'cervezas' and wine chilled on a hot summer's day. If you don’t own one already, then most supermarkets sell these and/or chill bags.

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For a special occasion, why not get in touch with one of the catering companies operating on the island? They will be happy to prepare picnic hampers full of delicacies.

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