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Sunset at Benirras Beach, San Miguel

One of the most popular sunset spots on the island is definitely worth a visit

featured in Activity reviews Author Pam Williamson, Ibiza Editor Updated

On a quiet Wednesday evening early in the season we decided that it was going to be a peach of a sunset and so heading to Benirras Beach in the north west was a definite on the days agenda.

Driving over the hills and down to this little cove we not sure what to expect. I've seen images of the hippy drummers, that seem to be resident on the beach, and keep the beat as the sun hits the horizon in a sort of spiritual ritual...but could it really be as special as all that?

Yes is the answer!

As we drove in we were greeted by a parking attendant - speaking to us initially in Spanish, he quickly switched to English to explained that one of the car parks was blocked off as they had a film crew there shooting a beer commercial...if Carlsberg could pick the best sunset spot! He directed us to another parking area and assured us it was going to be an incredible sunset.

So loaded with camera equipment, snacks and a few beers we made our way past the beach clubs and found our spot on the beach, central and close to the shore. The beach is quite deep so plenty of space, and the beach clubs were just packing away their sun loungers to allow more room for people like ourselves who had turned up with picnic blankets and snacks to enjoy the show that nature was about to put on. By all accounts this place gets packed out in high season - perhaps adding to the celebration of the occasion. However, it was fairly quiet on this particular early season evening in May which also allowed for it to be a pretty special experience.

The drumming started up at the far end of the beach, initially with just one or two drummers, but then as more people arrived on the beach, so did more drummers. With a real mix of families, couples, groups of friends, people there to relax, some to dance, some to do yoga and meditation and of course plenty of photographers...oh, and a film crew..there was quite a buzz.

As the sun got lower and lower the colours changed dramatically and the rock that sits out in the water only added to the dramatic scene before us as the sun slowly made its way across the sky behind it.

The film crew were based to the lookers right of the beach and were in place ready to catch what seemed to be a relatively short time of some few moments of optimum sundown from then it hits the horizon to when it disappears. However, if you take the time to hang around once the sun goes down then you will be treated to a sky full of purples and pinks that last until the light leaves.

The beach club Elements has a restaurant, bar and small boutique and has a very relaxed and chic vibe about it. Apparently on Sunday's they have resident DJ's, including Robert Miles, there spinning some chillout music as the sun goes down. It's worth a peek at the boutique alone which sells a nice selection of jewellery and beautiful clothes.

There are of plenty of other beautiful spots along the west coast to watch the sun set but not so many with the type of reputation and atmosphere that Benirras has - make sure this is on your list of things to do in Ibiza!


Map of the surrounding area