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Formentera Island, Ibiza

Undeveloped Paradise, only a boat trip away!

The smaller of the two Pitiuses islands, Formentera lies 16km south of Ibiza Island. A day trip to Formentera is often a must do activity for visitors to Ibiza.

Although there are package deals here for tourists, the island has been saved from mass tourism and is relatively under developed, in comparison to its neighbour of Ibiza. Luckily any buildings higher than four stories have been outlawed, preserving the natural beauty of the island. While the island is only 84 kilometres square, there is plenty to explore, in particular some stunning white sandy beaches. Es Pujols is the main resort on the island with a pretty promenade hosting small cafes, restaurants and a hand full of bars, not to mention a Caribbean style white sandy beach with turquoise water. Regular boats leave from all the main resorts in Ibiza- see the travel & transport section for details.

History & Culture in Formentera

The history of the island can be dated back over 4000 years! From megalithic to the Phoenician settlers, the Greeks and of course the Romans, each have left their mark on this small island. More recently, at the end of the Spanish Civil War, from 1939 until 1942, Formentera housed a concentration camp for political dissidents from the mainland of Spain who were awaiting execution.

Despite this long and varied history the island today is a haven for sun seekers, artists, musicians and writers.

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Beaches in Formentera

The most popular beach area and the only resort on the island is Es Pujols. With a beautiful long white sandy beach and shallow crystal clear waters it is easy to see why the island is such a draw for those wanting the idyllic beach holiday. The walkway behind the beach is also lined with bars and restaurants  ready to serve you delicious and refreshing cold drinks and snacks.

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Nightlife in Formentera

The beach resort of Es Pujols has a surprising lively night life with narrow streets filled with bars, small clubs and late night eateries. Normally spilling out onto terraces and the street there is a great atmosphere and plenty of places that are open until 02:00 in the morning!

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