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Es Cubells, South Ibiza

Small village on the south coast of the island of Ibiza

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Situated in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, this pretty small village offers stunning views over the southern coastline.

One of the tiniest villages it takes a mere five minutes to walk around, however the beauty of it can keep you here for much longer.

Containing a beautiful church at its centre there are only two bar/restaurants, but the views are really what make this a point of interest. Situated on top of a cliff you can look down into the clear and turquoise waters and via several winding paths you can make your way down to the shore line.

History & Culture in Es Cubells

Es Cubell’s church is small, whitewashed and has lateral buttresses. It was founded in 1864 thanks to the effort of a Carmelite Monk called Francesc Palau, who played an important role in the island’s history, since he spent long periods of his life as a hermit in the islet of es Vedrà. There is a sculpture next to the temple commemorating his life.

Beaches in Es Cubells

There are several beautiful small beaches and coves within easy reach, including Playa des Cubells, Playa de ses Boques and Cala Llentrisca.

Events in Es Cubells

The main annual event to take place here is the Fiesta Payeas es Cubells, celebrating their patron saint. It's hosted in the village each 15th October.


Map of the surrounding area