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Top vineyards to visit in Ibiza & Formentera 2019

Sensations of the Balearic Islands

Featured in: | Isha Sesay, Ibiza Reporter | Published

Each year, the paradisiacal islands of Ibiza and Formentera captivate visitors with gorgeously warm weather and a wealth of lush landscapes. Not only have these made for the most extraordinary of holidays, but they also provide the perfect conditions for the islands’ production of wine.

Ibiza has one of the oldest historical references regarding the elaboration and trade of wine, one of the great luxuries left behind from the Phoenicians in the 7th century. In Formentera, winemaking dates back to the 13th century and has grown to stand as one of their most valuable economic products.

Gaining prestige for their unparalleled taste and aromas, the vineyards of Ibiza and Formentera have created award-winning bottles of the most exceptional quality. Ibizan wines were granted the notable classification of 'Vi de la Terra Ibiza', while Formentera has their own 'Vi de la Terra Formentera' status. With several different varieties available, wineries have captured the heart of the world with their authentic Mediterranean flavours.

Whether your preference is red, white or for your glass to be positively sparkling, the wines of Ibiza and Formentera are capable of awakening your senses and conquering the most discerning of palates. For this reason, we give you a pick of the best vineyards to visit in Ibiza and Formentera in 2019.

Can Rich de Buscastell Winery

Bodegas Can Rich

Founded in 1997 with the intention of improving the wines that were produced on the island, Can Rich de Buscastell has emerged as one of Ibiza’s most acclaimed wineries. Situated close to San Antonio, in the beautiful agricultural area of Buscastells, this growing vineyard has undergone a great expansion, with the inclusion of four hectares of vines in the extraordinary setting of Ses Salines Natural Park. Fusing tradition with modernity, Can Rich has pioneered the use of organic farming with a respect towards the environment, paying homage to the authentic spirit of the island. As well as a large variety of wines and Ibicencan liquors, Can Rich de Buscastell have also triumphed the art of Ibizan gastronomy with the production of salt, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

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Cap de Barbaria Winery

Cap de Barbaria

Situated just outside Sant Francesc, Cap de Barbaria Winery is the most famous wine export from Formentera. Harvesting grapes from an idyllic vineyard, the winery produces an array of delicious wines. Although their vineyard is not open to the public, you will find bottles of the exquisite brand in most restaurants on the island. Alternatively, if you would like to take a memento home with you, Cap de Barbaria is also available to buy in a selection of stores across Ibiza and Formentera. It is well recommended to taste their take on a classic Merlot, where nature and the island’s optimal climate come together to create an exceptional plummy wine.

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Ibizkus Wines


Nestled in the picturesque area of Santa Gertrudis, Ibizkus Wines is Ibiza’s best-known boutique winery, growing and harvesting red and white wines as well as premium rosé. Founded in 2007, the winery uses both artisanal and modern technologies to absorb the true essence of the island using locally grown vines. Producing wine from the Monastrell grape variety, Ibizkus Wines are famous for their fruity and high-quality wines, with earthy notes that create an unmatched aroma. With the company’s offices, store and wine tasting room being located on the main road linking the towns of Ibiza and Santa Eulalia, visitors can enjoy an exquisite wine tour during their visit to the island.

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Terramoll Vineyard


Established in 2000, Terramoll Vineyard is a family-run business aimed at producing high-quality wines that reflect the authenticity of Formentera. Set in the beautiful area of La Mola, the winery has endeavoured to recuperate autochthonous and foreign grape varieties, adapting to the demanding weather conditions that are found on the island. As well as producing a wealth of sublime wines, Terramoll Vineyard has cleverly united the aromatic potential of the Viognier variety with the Mediterranean Malvasia, embodying the island’s new age of creativity in which Formentera is now on the international map of wine production.

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Can Maymó Winery

Can Maymo

Located in the charming village of Sant Mateu, Can Maymó Winery produces distinctive varieties of grapes, capturing a true artisanal spirit. Combining traditional methods with new techniques, you should expect the unexpected as, in addition to the production of delicious blends of wine, some have even been infused with thyme flavour. The family-run winery also organises guided tours with tasting sessions and has a small playground to delight the little ones.

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Ibizan wines can not only be paired with local cuisine to perfection but also provide the ideal counterpart to international dishes. Book your table in one of the island's restaurants to discover their versatility.

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