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Sant Mateu d'Albarca, West Ibiza

The original rural Ibiza, this small village is the perfect get away
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The tiny village of San Mateu d'Albarca is one of the smallest on the island. Located 19km north of Eivissa, this tiny village is surrounded by beautiful countryside and lots of vineyards.

There is a cemetery, a pretty whitewash church, a few small houses and a bar which serves some of the local wine produced in the area. This is a popular stop on the hiking and cycling routes.

History & Culture in West Ibiza

With a long history of vine growing and wine loving in Sant Mateu it is no surprise that this is the largest area of vineyards on the islands. They produce a great red wine alongside a very fruity white wine...both are worth a sample! The countryside here is perfect for growing and so is not only good for vines but also olives, lemons, oranges and almonds. 

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Events in West Ibiza

If you happen to be visiting Ibiza out of season then you might be lucky enough to enjoy the Fiesta del Vino in Sant Mateu. In December the whole town turns out to taste some of the Island's wines!

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