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Insider's guide to Sant Joan 2019 in Ibiza

One of the fieriest celebrations on the White Isle

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If you are in Ibiza this weekend, you might notice how the island is gearing up for one of its biggest fiestas of the year. Each June, the locals get together to celebrate in honour of Sant Joan (John the Baptist).

While the official day of San Juan is on June 24th, it’s the evening of the 23rd when many of the festivities take place. You'll see locals gathering for beach and street parties, bonfires, concerts, BBQs, fireworks and more.

So, if you are looking to get involved, there are various celebrations taking place all around the island. Here are just some of them.


For many, the beach is the place to be to mark the occasion. As this fiesta falls around the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, you can really make the most of enjoying the warm evening on the beach. Beaches all across the island will be filled with people setting up bonfires and picnics. Talamanca and Figueretes are some of the liveliest spots if you are looking for the best atmosphere to enjoy the celebrations.

On these two beaches, there will be pre-made holes in the sand for the bonfires. The fun will start at 20:30 with a "macarrones de Sant Joan" giveaway. This traditional snack is a twist on rice pudding using pasta instead of rice to create a creamy, sweet dessert. Talamanca Beach will then host a live music concert while Figueretes dances to the sounds of a DJ. It will all end with fireworks. A word of warning – the beaches fill up so, if you are a large group, then get down early to secure a big enough area to spread out.

Beaches in Ibiza

Sant Joan de Labritja

The town of Sant Joan de Labritja is party central on the night of June 23rd. This sleepy village turns into a huge open-air celebration as the streets are closed down to cars and bonfires lit in every corner. This year, the festivities start at 22:30 with a concert by LaCalle followed by a performance by demons and puppets who will dance a fiery ritual. Bonfires will be lit at midnight and a Flower Party will follow lead by The Selectors DJs, who will play 60's, 70's and 80's music until the wee hours of the morning. There will also be an arts & crafts market from 09:00 to 16:00 as well as live music on the streets of Sant Joan.

Towns & Villages in Ibiza

Other Ibiza towns

Wherever you are on the island, there should be a party of some sort within close range as many of Ibiza's towns and villages put on an array of entertainment for both adults and children. Music fills the streets while parades, ceremonial fires and fireworks bring each municipality to life. In San Antonio, celebrations will take place at the Centro Social de Can Bonet, starting with activities for children at 18:30, followed by folk dancing and live music. Bonfires will be lit at 22:30 when the demons and spirits will come out and dance.

Over in Santa Eulalia, there will be entertainment for the whole family from 18:00 to 21:00 at Font d'en Lluna (free taxis available from the town hall). Traditional macarrons will also be offered, as well as apricot coca. At night, the action moves to the centre of town with live music at Plaça Isidoro Macabich from 21:00, before the bonfires are lit at midnight, at the same time that the correfoc or fire run starts.

Towns & Villages in Ibiza


On the neighbouring island of Formentera, the main celebration of the Nit de Foc takes place in the iconic area of La Mola. On the island's southernmost corner, there will be live music at the weekly market from 16:00. A parade of folk music and dancing will start after night falls and, at midnight, bonfires will go ablaze.

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Night of Sant Joan rituals

Wherever you might find yourself, there are many rituals that take place over the course of the evening. One of them is to write down a wish on a piece of paper and burn it exactly at midnight in a bonfire. Another is to jump over a bonfire fire three, seven or nine times. Or perhaps you might like the idea of getting into the sea to purify body and soul at midnight. If you don’t fancy taking a dip in the sea, apparently throwing three coins in the water is another way to make a wish. Wherever you want to celebrate, you're sure to spend a magical night in Ibiza this Saturday.

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