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Cala Llentia Beach, South-West Ibiza

Small cove and tiny beach on the south west coast of the island

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Located between the beaches of Cala Tarida and Cala Codolar, this small bay can be hard to find.

The best way to access the area to park at Cala Codolar and walk along to it. Not only will you find the tiniest of secluded fact I am not even sure how you get down into it.

There are several pieces of art situated on top of the cliff. One in particular is by an Australian artist called Andrew Rogers and is part of a collection called 'Time and Space'. You certainly won't find many people here but it is a great spot for a picnic with magnificent views and shade from the huge stone columns when the sun gets too much for you.

There are no facilities at this beach.

Setting & Location

A small cove on the south west of Ibiza this beach is nestled behind private homes and estates. The headland above the cove has spectacular views over to the south and Es Vedra, and up to the tiny islet of Sa Conillera in the north.

Water Safety & Clarity

The water here is the typical azure blue that you might expect in Ibiza, however if you swim further out then be prepared for abundant sea life below you. Rocks, seaweed and other water plants give the water a darker shade of petrol blue as you head out from the beach.

Beach Quality

A sand beach that has become rocky from the erosion of the surrounding cliffs.

Watersports Nearby

Nothing to do here except relax, soak up the rays, take the occasional dip in the cool water and perhaps peruse the art.


Map of the surrounding area