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Cala Tarida Beach, South West Ibiza

Being the longest beach on the west coast, this beach is popular with all tourists

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Cala Tarida is 900m long, hence a popular destination with tourists, in particular families. It's also one of the most beautiful.

A stunning stretch of fine white sand that offers plenty of bathing space and hosts several great beach clubs including the Cotton Beach Club.

There are of course restaurants, bars, sun loungers and umbrellas in abundance. And for those who are slightly more adventurous there are pedalos with water slides and plenty of other watersports activities on offer.

If the beach becomes too crowded for you, there are rocks you can swim to for some private bathing. The views back to the beach and out to sea are stunning.

As with most beaches it can become very crowded in summer, but we have always found this beach in particular to have a nice atmosphere and the more people there are, the more kids are around to play the adults a bit of a break.

Beach Bars & Beachclubs in Ibiza

May of the restaurants here are worth trying and being on the west coast it's a good place to watch the sunset, so if you're coming, make sure you're prepared to spend the entire day here and make the most of this lovely part of the island.

Setting & Location

If you arrive at Tarida North you’ll be descending to the beach via some fairly steep stone steps, there’s a slope running next to them but I wouldn’t recommend wheeling anyone you care about down it.

If you need sensible easy access follow the signs for Tarida South where the road descends to beach level and a wooden walkway leads out across the sand.

Water Safety & Clarity

The water is crystal clear and entry is mainly via the soft sandy seabed but there are some rocks dotted around.

Beach Quality

This beach has soft white sand and is surprisingly long and deep for an Ibiza beach.

Watersports Nearby

There are plenty of watersports on offer here, including pedalo hire. This beach is so big that it is also very popular for beach games and the occasional game of volleyball.


Map of the surrounding area