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Sant Rafel (San Rafael), Central Ibiza

Pottery and ceramics

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Heading out north west on the main road from Ibiza to San Antonio, after 7km, lies the small village of San Rafael. 

As a village it's pretty small with just a few restaurants, a church and some great views looking back over Eivissa and the bay.

It does have the only official Artisan Zone on the island as it has become famous for its roadside ceramic and pottery workshops. Although this description does make it sounds better than it's not a pretty town.

The old town around the church is lovely but rather small and the main drag doesn't give away the instant picture of an artistic village, however if you stop and search you should not be disappointed.

History & Culture in [locality]

This small town has been declared a 'place of special interest' due to its innovative and skilled craftsmen and women.

There have been plans to renovate and refurbish this town in order to make it similar to the pretty towns of Santa Gertrudis and San Carlos, however, the Ibizan Council claims that money is short and such plans have not come to fruition yet.

It would be a wonderful town to visit if the managed to upgrade and improve the surroundings as there are plenty of nice eateries, cafés and art if you take the time to search them out.

Sights & Attractions in [locality]

Apart from the ceramic and pottery studios and shops in the centre of the town, the San Rafael church is a wonderful sight. Slightly different to many of the Ibizan churches it's exterior has a touch of Moorish design about it. Set upon a hill the views back over to Ibiza Town are great, especially at dusk as you can sit and watch the lights of the town slowly begin to illuminate from a distance.

Dining in [locality]

There are several nice restaurants in San Rafael that are worth the journey there.

Hotels in [locality]

The town of San Rafael itself is not a popular destination for tourists outside of the clubbing scene and certainly does not house the best hotels, however in the surrounding countryside you will find several rural finca's and agrotourism resort.


Map of the surrounding area