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San Rafael Church, San Rafael

The old church of San Rafael, set amongst the island's largest clubs

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Situated a little away from the town centre in the older part of San Rafael the church is white washed in the traditional fashion.

The bell tower, however, seems somewhat more elaborate than other churches on the island as it stands within its own turret, rather than the usual flat outline, wooden strut and bell. But as with most churches this one is still in use today. In fact we visited on a public holiday at the beginning of May and could not enter the rather large interior as there was a mass service going on. And considering the quiet time of year and the countryside that surrounds the church the mass seemed extremely busy, a sign that religion is alive and well in Ibiza.

The construction of San Rafael Church began in 1786 when the former small chapel could no longer accommodate the growing community. The church has always been known as San Rafael of the Cross, but in fact does not have any historical bearing. It is because the church sits near Ibiza’s main crossroads and in a very central location on the island.

As it is one of the English speaking churches on the island it can be a popular destination for tourists, foreign residents and for weddings.

Visitor comments

  • "Authentic as it only can be in Ibiza, the location just in the outskirts of the village. Lovely views from the entrance of the church towards Ibiza town in the distance." - Trip Advisor
  • "Sweet little church in a sweet village with two top-class restaurants round the corner!" - Trip Advisor
  • "Year 1997, I got married in this church. It was a fantastic day. This little church is on the top of the mountain in San Rafael... beautiful view. For me this place is very special, lots of memories." - Trip Advisor


Map of the surrounding area