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Circular hike around Port de Sant Miquel

Hiking Port de San Miquel’s beaches and defence tower

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An hour-long circular hike taking in three beaches, an ancient defence tower, and epic coastal views.

Start this hike on the main beach at Port de Sant Miquel, where you can see the Torre des Molar perched up on a hill above you. Head to the left of the beach and you’ll find a dirt track leaving from behind the beachside Chiringuito Pascual. The path may or may not have a purple sign pointing you to Torre des Molar, it was in some disrepair at this time but the path is still easy to spot.

The winding path leads you along the coastline for 200 metres, culminating in a wooden bridge and steps that lead you down to the beautiful little cove of Caló des Moltons where you can stop for a drink or refreshing swim. If you don’t need one yet, don’t worry, the hike will bring you back past this spot later when your need for a cocktail will be greater.

To continue the trail, head to the back of the beach where the eco-toilets are signposted. The track winds up into the hills from here, it’s a little badly marked but just keep heading up and the worn path re-emerges often enough to keep you going in the right direction. Climb up for 10 minutes and the path turns into a paved private road, cross this and follow the signs and painted arrows pointing you back into the woods. 5 minutes further on, you’ll emerge onto a paved road again which drops steeply away to your right. Turn left and follow this road through a car park and again onto a dusty trail, and a further 5 minutes walk to the Torre des Molar.

This 18th-century defence tower was built on this spot to watch and warn against invaders and pirates, and it's more than clear why. The view from this tower is 360 degrees of exceptional. Look north out over unspoilt, unbroken ocean, gaze along the coastline stretching east to Benirras beach and its islet rock formation and Portinatx beyond. Below you sits the enviable villa and swimming pool on private island Illa des Bosc, and back towards the bay is the port with its busy beach and huge hotels. Beyond that and all the way round to the west, the thickly forested hills of Northern Ibiza. Stand on the edge of the cliffs to see all this or climb up into the tower itself for even better views. The tower is open and well preserved, although the stairs are incredibly narrow and a little tricky, the view from the roof is well worth the climb.

Once you’ve gazed your fill, backtrack down the dirt road through the car park and back to the paved road which dipped steeply. This time, follow it all the way downhill and, after 10 minutes of walking, you’ll emerge at the Illa des Bosc you’ve just seen from above. Keep your camera out for this stretch of the hike because every step along this road affords you another beautiful coastal view.

You can't access the private island, which is gated against intruders, but the island is attached to the mainland by a spit of sandy beach which is fair game to the public. Time for a refreshing swim and a laze in the sun or, if you packed accordingly a snorkel, off the rocks and boulders on the ocean side of the spit. There is a small chiringuito bar here selling beers from coolers and very simple bar snacks.

When it's time to move on, backtrack again along the paved road until you see a path veering off into the trees on the left, it’s marked by a rock cairn and a sturdy pillar of wood. This path will lead you through rough rocks and trees back to the little beach Caló des Moltons. You’ll emerge above the boat houses and, from the beach, be able to rejoin the original path that will take you all the way back to the main beach.

This hike can be done in under an hour, but you should allow much more time and enjoy both swimming stops and refreshment shacks along the way. Stock up on water and snacks in the Port before you head off if you would rather picnic. If you don’t fancy the climb to the tower, then instead, once the path has led you to Caló des Moltons, cut out the tower loop by joining the path behind the boat sheds and heading straight for the beach by Illa des Bosc. Both the defence tower and the Illa can also be reached by car if you’d rather.


Map of the surrounding area