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San Antonio Cap Blanc Aquarium Boat Trip

1hr, 20+ person glass-bottom boat, with aquarium trip

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This short boat trip to the Cap Blanc Aquarium in San Antonio is a great chance to visit a traditional Ibizan lobster 'hatchery'.

When the cave was originally created as a hatchery for fish and lobster there were water inlets created to ensure water circulation and oxygenation, so this is still an ideal location to house some of the Mediterranean's most common species - and a great opportunity to view them up close!

The aquarium is also used by the Centre for Recovery of Marine Species, so you can frequently see the work of this organisation who are committed to caring for sea creatures. Sea turtles are the most common animals to be found recovering here.


Visitor comments

  • "So pleased we opted for the two hour tour. We paid 40€ for two adults and one child included in that was a visit to the aquarium, a drink for each of us, bar snacks and a tour around rocks and caves. Well worth the money." - Trip Advisor
  • "Went on the 2-hour cruise around the coast visited the aquarium in the natural caves which was amazing, then sailed around the natural coastline seeing all the rocks and stopped off for a swim, the music on the boat was lovely as was the complimentary sangria and snacks!" - Trip Advisor


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