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Sunset at Kumharas Bar, San Antonio

An alternative evening to the busy night life of the strip in San Antoni

Featured in: | Pam Williamson, Ibiza Editor | Published

This unusual venue in Cala de Bou, on the outskirts of San Antoni, is perfectly situated to watch the setting sun and offers a nice alternative to the hustle and bustle of the main strip in San Antoni.

To be honest we were close to not making to Kumharas for sunset - it is not the easiest place to find. After driving up and down several dead end roads that led into accommodation blocks we were beginning to give up hope. the area surrounding the venue is misleading, a bit shabby and run-down and full of apartment blocks. However, as we got nearer the end of the correct street (finally!) we saw the brightly coloured walls that conceal this charming bar and restaurant.

It faces out to the west to the setting sun and a small beach area that gets busier as the evening goes on. The bar itself has a really nice laid back vibe and some great decor. It stretches back to an old guard tower that has been converted into a bar with the music being pumped out from the top. There is also a restaurant at the back of the venue, outdoors but part of it is undercover. there are sculptures and ornaments dotted around and a small boutique that gets set up just as the crowds start arriving to enjoy the sunset.

The music was great and within an hour or so if the sun setting Kumharas started to fill up with couples, groups of friends and families all ready to enjoy the natural light show that the ibizan sun regularly puts on. The staff were incredibly friendly, helping with drinks choices and offering snacks and food to those who required it. There was a minimum spend of 10€ on a card when I tried to pay but this was easily spent over the course of the night so they let me set up a tab. The drinks and cocktails are similarly priced to many of the other beach clubs but here you have the added bonus of it not being overly crowded and not having to reserve your spot for sunset! This is definitely more of an impromptu place.

The front area of the bar is open onto the beach where there were also numerous people who had gathered ready with their own alcohol and cameras to capture the moment and enjoy the music. It appeared to be perfectly acceptable for them to be sitting only yards from the bar doing this but I must say that I was glad of our table, comfy chairs and being served by the staff. I guess it all adds to the atmosphere of the night. 

As is traditional in Spain, dinner doesn't seem to take place until after 9.30pm...and in this case after the sun has set. The restaurant doesn't take long to fill up either so I can only assume that their menu is pretty good! (Mental note to come back for dinner one night..) But we were happy on this occasion to enjoy some more cocktails, atmosphere and the music.

This is a gem of a spot, once you find it, and a definite 'must do' if you are staying anywhere along the west coast or in San Antoni itself.