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Santa Gertrudis Church, Santa Gertrudis

Stunning church in the centre of a chic small town

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The local church sits in the centre of the village and was founded 1797, although building actually began in 1785.

The church was commissioned by Bishop Abad y Lasierra. Through several alterations, the façade and the belfry date back to the 19th century and the church bell was made in Barcelona in 1899. The church is quite large and houses a lovely altar alongside several small stained glass images.

It stands out because of its unusually colourful façade, decorated with a grey stripe on the lower level and the belfry and cornice painted in yellow.

When to come

It is open daily from 10:00 until 20:30, with mass being held Monday to Friday at 20:00, on Sundays and on public holidays at noon and then again at 20:30.


Map of the surrounding area