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San Miguel Church, San Miguel

One of the oldest & most famous churches on the island of Ibiza

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Beautiful and simple church that is situated on top of the hill overlooking the town of San Miguel and the surrounding countryside.

It was not only built for religious purposes but also a fortress and dates back to the 14th century. It was added to the 17th century when two chapels were built on both sides of the main altar, one of which is known as the painted chapel, due to the unusual paintings on the walls.

The interior is fittingly more cathedral like than many of the smaller churches on the island and it sees much activity throughout the year, not least on their saints day on 29th of September. The main altar features 3 statues, the middle one of Saint Miguel and he has Saint Rafael at one side and Maria Goretti (a young Italian saint) on the other.

When to come

The church is open to visitors from April to October, 10:00-14:00.


Map of the surrounding area