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Autumn is the new high season in Ibiza

#MoveYourSpring initiative wants to fill up the island with tourists this autumn

Featured in: | Ana Hernández, Ibiza Editor | Published
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In Spanish, we have a word to describe how very special autumn is in our country: "veroño". A combination of "verano" (summer) and "otoño" (autumn), veroño perfectly depicts the fall season as an extension of summer in Ibiza, thanks to the warm temperatures and wonderfully sunny days.

After what it seems will be a total write-off of the spring season in Ibiza due to the Coronavirus crisis, tour operators, hotel owners, activity companies and other local entrepreneurs have launched the #MoveYourSpring campaign. In an attempt to postpone the spring tourist season until next autumn, they are suggesting some great plans to entice visitors to come to the White Isle in September and October.

They're asking businesses to stay open for longer this year and to organise events after the summer season is over. Some great autumnal sports and music offerings have already been confirmed, including the Ibiza Marathon and the Ibiza Swing Fun Fest. All visitors need to do is postpone their spring bookings and come in autumn.

With temperatures ranging between a balmy 16ºC and a toasty 27ºC, usually hovering around the mid-20ºC, you can most definitely still enjoy the beach in September and October on the White Isle. So come and discover Ibiza this autumn! #MoveYourSpring